Vitality Snippet for #SFFSat

After stumbling across Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday I thought I would post some of my novel Vitality.

His food arrived so he picked up his eating-sticks and watched the steam rise from the boiling soup like ghostly vapours seeping in from the after-life. This strange food was another aspect that made his new home feel more alien as he sampled the unpleasant, plastic taste for the first time.

The old Asian man resumed watching a small television which hissed and crackled as static invaded the picture.

“Do you remember what the city used to be like …” a man asked from under a furry moustache, emerging from a potato-shaped nose, “… before darkness descended, corrupting the minds of the weak?”

Glimmers of remorseful reflection appeared in the depths of the old Asian man’s eyes as he watched the screen, apparently transfixed by its emotive message

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16 thoughts on “Vitality Snippet for #SFFSat

  1. Welcome to SFFSat! Your snippet exhibited so many creative descriptions. My favorite was “potato-shaped nose.” Great job. I can’t wait for more!

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