“Stunning narrative with imaginitive, well written characters who exist in a fantastic, dark, quirky world.” readlovereview

Set in an alternative version of the present day, Stylo Green moves to the city to work for Vitality. The company is making a magical drink which is welcome in the crime-ridden city where depression is spreading in the form of dark memories.

The New Movement Party hope to win the next election and clean up the city. Real food is banned so everyone eats plastic-tasting Easy Food except the few who dare to eat illegal fruit and vegetables available on the black market. Dr. Mooseball produces recreational narcotics which are legal and a popular way to relax while Soft Dreams employs people to suck up the ghosts that float around the city.

Emulla, the girl with the beautiful voice, is different from the others. She and Stylo hit it off, and Stylo’s packaging designs are chosen. Things seem to be going well for him, but he begins to notices something peculiar about his colleagues. The truth starts to unravel but not without bloodshed. When he finally faces his nemesis, nothing can prepare him for what he is about to discover.

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See you at the Earth club

You’re new around here? Well, there are a few things you ought to know.

Get caught with a piece of fruit, you’ll at least get a kick in from the cops. They catch you growing your own, you don’t even want to think about what they’d do to you.

That’s the way things are since Easy Food starting having an influence over the government. So most people eat the synthetic plastic meals and tune into the mind-shaping propaganda shown on TV.

However, there are some who, not believing real food’s bad for their health, are prepared to take the risks involved in trying some. These people find themselves in the Earth Club – a secret place where all kinds meet to share home-grown produce and drink bubbly, green liquid made from soil.

Also, controversially, there is a band called The Vegetables. They have albums such as The Giant White Radish and Salad Sadness – the latter’s cover featuring a picture of an eggplant, some broccoli and some asparagus. Surely it’s only a matter of time before they get banned. But in the meantime they remain the music of choice for the Earth Club goers who refuse to listen to the generic pop stars Flavour Behaviour currently top of the Easy Food charts.

So what are you going to do? Tuck into a plate of Easy Food and keep your eyes glued to the telly for the next thought update, or go out into the city looking for the Earth Club, real food and free thoughts? I know what I’m going to do. If you decide the same, I’ll see you there.

This was a glimpse into the world in which Tim Andrewartha’s debut novel Vitality is set. If you are curious to find out more, then click here.